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ADP’s Service Devastated Our Business

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Are you considering of using ADP’s services? Hold on for a second. Let’s read on before making your decision.

ADP is one of the largest global outsourcing agencies that provide human capital management solutions for businesses. We have been using its services since 2010. But ADP is not helpful, at all.

During this period, we have spent countless hours trying to contact the appropriate person in ADP who could answer our inquires. Frustration is the word that best describes our experience. Every time, we may either get transferred to several agents, but none of them could provide us the correct answer. And the time that we were put on hold was ridiculous. At the end, we would look at the clock and realize we had been on this call for 2 hours or more but still couldn’t get the answers. A complete waste of time.


Our Payroll Account Suddenly Terminated

In November 2011, we were about to do monthly payroll through online ADP account as usual. But we couldn’t log in, our account has been terminated.

We immediately called ADP, and were told that the termination was due to some issues caused by a relative company. ADP terminated both of our accounts at once.

This is absolutely nonsense. ADP has a binding contract with us. If our account has no problem, ADP has no right to terminate our account. Besides, the problem was originated by others, ADP should directly deal with that client.

The consequence caused by ADP was devastating. All our employees’ salary histories and tax data were gone. The W2 and W3 forms (annual salary, tax deduction data) have to be calculated manually.

We confronted with ADP on the phone but were told that we could only wait 90 days to reactivate our account. Why 90 days? “Company policy” was their answer. A manager of Chase bank who recommended ADP to us had intervened and helped persuade ADP to restore our service ASAP, but it was in vain.


Money Disappeared from our Bank Account

And in October last year, we found something creepy happened. An amount of US$2,198.78 has been credited from our company’s bank account by ADP in the name of taxes withholding for us, but we found no record of tax payment anywhere.

So we called ADP and intended to ask where the money has gone. And this set off my marathon but fruitless communication with the company. Every time I called to ADP, the answers I was given were uncertain and inconsistent. I was told by an ADP staff last year that a refund has been sent to us. Apparently, that’s a lie. Then on January 31 and February 1, 2013, I spoke to ADP staffs whose names were Josephine, Sabrina, Nancy, and Isabella. And they told me otherwise. Josephine first told me the amount has not been filed for taxes but later she changed her claim. Sabrina said the amount has been filed partially. Nancy and Isabella's answers were uncertain and unhelpful. But according to our record from IRS, there is no indication of this amount or the breakdown of it was paid in the course of 2012.

By February 2013, I have already sent numerous emails to ADP requesting for evidence and documents to prove the money’s whereabouts. After receiving several automatic replies, which say “You will hear back from us within the next business day”, I finally receive a feedback from a real human.

But the email merely repeated what other agents had said and mentioned nothing about sending us proof of evidence.

We even requested to have a meeting so to discuss this matter, but ADP has never sent us any feedback.


Big Company with Low Integrity

Ever since we used ADP from 2011, the company had used various dishonest ways to trick us for money. Though they were not huge amounts, their way of doing business is extremely improper and disgraceful.

Our contract stated that the monthly rate was US$110, with a 40% discount. So the discounted rate was US$66 per month. But at the beginning of our relationship, at the very first month, ADP credited us US$6.5 more. We called them up; ADP said it made a mistake in calculation. Then, ADP simply changed our 40% discount to 35%.

The 40% discount rate was clearly marked in the sales order, black and white. How could they make such a mistake?

Then towards the end of the year, we suddenly discovered that ADP credited us US$56 more for the W2 fee. When we first signed the ADP contract, its representative was a blonde lady called Hali. She seemed extraordinarily friendly and claimed that she had been lived in Shanghai. To further push us into the trap, this Hali told us that ADP would only charge us the monthly fee. Everything else is free, she said. So she left the empty space for the W2 fee blank. However, ADP later said that the blank space doesn’t mean it’s free of charge. I argued that if this is the case, they shouldn’t have left it blank but clearly put down the price. I even demanded them to check with Hali.

ADP returned to us after a while, saying it wasn’t able to reach Hali. But it would refund the fee to us for the time being. Next year, however, we would have to pay, it said.

So ADP fails even to locate its own employees. How good its management could be?

In June 2012, we discovered that ADP’s service charge has suddenly increased, from US$110 per month to US$115 per month before discount. And in August, the rate increased to US$120.

ADP’s explanation to all these sudden, unannounced, increases was – its cost got higher.

Most outsourcing companies claim to help clients to achieve efficiency and cost saving. But if you happen to use a bad outsourcing agency like ADP, your business maybe at risk. ADP only slashes your business’ efficiency and increases your cost. (Joanna Law / Jianmin Ren )



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