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United Airlines, where is my refund?

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It has been over 60 days now, but UA still hasn’t paid me back the refund for my ticket regardless numerous requests I’ve made. This article I sent to People’s Daily Online is to alert all consumers what had happened, and to urge UA to value its passengers and abandon its poor, inefficient services.

In January this year, I was to return from Beijing to New York. The ticket was originally bought for January 14, but my work required me to depart 3 days earlier. I therefore changed the departure date to the 11th through UA’s official website. I was notified that there’s a US$250 fine for making the change. And the ticket price for the 11 th is US$370 cheaper than that of 14th, so I should have a refund of US$370.

But what if UA refunded back US$120, the difference of US$370 and US$250, then the matter is settled right? No, UA said. I had to pay the fine in full immediately, it said. Then I may talk about the refund later. Right at that moment the Airline took US$250 from my credit card. I was given a notice, which says: the amount of $370 will be refunded to a United Airlines Travel Certificate.

That mean the refund is not in the form of cash but coupon, which is for purchasing UA tickets on its website ONLY. What a rubbish it is. But I have no other choice.

Yet a month had passed since I returned to New York, and I had still heard nothing from UA. On February 15, I submitted another refund request via UA’s official website. This time I even added more detail, urging UA to respond ASAP. But apart from an automatic reply, I have still received nothing at this point.

I looked it up on internet; I am not the only customer who encountered similar unhappy experience with UA.

UA, you arrogant airline with poor efficiency, tell me, where is my refund? When can I get it back?(Liping Liu)


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