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American kids call out: I love China!

Photo by Jianmin Ren

2013年05月15日06:58        手机看新闻

Five 7-year-old girls represented Beijing Youth Diving Club to pay a visit to Saint Andrew’s School in Florida on May 8. They and their coach were warmly welcomed by the school’s students and teachers.

Saint Andrew’s School is located in Boca Raton, south of Florida. Established in 1962, the school is one famous institute in Florida. There are a lot of students who can swim, but only one kid is learning diving.

The 5 Chinese girls performed diving for the students in Lower School; Mr. Duncan Hossack, Head of Lower School, was also present. The young girls’ performances were so splendid and fascinating that awed the whole floor; audience kept praising and applauding all through the performances. Several American kids after the event even cried out, “I love China! China is the best place in the world!”


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